Homeowners Are Furious With Their Power Company!

What is the one thing your power company doesn't want you to know? There is a new policy in 2017 that qualifies homeowners who live in specific zip codes to be eligible for $1,000's of dollars in tax rebates, incentives and overall utility bill savings. Has your power company told you that? (I didn't think so.)

When homeowners check FirstStepSolar to see if they qualify, many are shocked to find out that incentives, subsidies and rebates can cover up to 100% of the up-front costs associated with installation. Regardless of whether or not they spend more money cooling or heating their home! All that is needed to qualify is your home has to be in one of the solar coverage areas and you also have to have approved credit. Luckily the required credit to go solar falls within the typical range of the average American homeowner. With $0 down, you could be on your way to significantly reduced electricity bills in a matter of weeks.

Homeowners all around the country are enrolling in this program and going solar. You should be excited to hear that many homeowners able to save over $90 per month (over $1,000 per year!) on their energy bills, and there are many other people who have done even better!

Homeowners Are Furious With Their Power Company!

So how does this program work? To go solar, you no longer have to pay a ton upfront to get solar panels. Instead this new program lets you finance solar panels with $0 down. Until now, solar panels cost $10's of thousands of dollars upfront to purchase and install, and unless you were building a new home or had that much extra cash sitting around, the cost was more than the benefit. It was impossible for solar companies to offer $0 down financing agreements because they would lose money.

But now the pricing for solar panels has lowered drastically in the last 20 years, making solar power affordable for homeowners who could not previously afford to switch. Either way, one thing you can be sure of is that your power company is not going to suddenly call you up to inform you of this new program, because switching to solar will cut into their monopoly profits.

NOTE: You are not locked into your power company's policy. If you have already paid your current policy, you can easily cancel, and the balance will be refunded.

With savings of up to 65% on monthly energy costs, online services that help you go solar are gaining massive popularity. FirstStepSolar is one of the most trusted, secure, and effective online solar services, and provides homeowners with the best local rates for free. Over 500,000 homeowners have already trusted FirstStepSolar to get significant discounts.

How Do I See If I Qualify?

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Step 2: Once you answer a few simple questions, you will have the opportunity to compare the best quotes in your area.